The name of the vaccine may differ between countries

BCG Vaccine AJV is indicated for immunisation against tuberculosis.

It is a live, freeze dried vaccine, manufactured from an attenuated strain ofMycobacterium bovis designated Danish Strain 1331.
BCG Vaccine AJV is stored in a multidose container.

One vial of reconstituted vaccine contains 1 mL, corresponding to 10 doses for adults and children aged 12 months or more (0.1 mL), or 20 doses for infants under 12 months of age (0.05 mL).
BCG Vaccine AJV must be reconstituted with Diluted Sauton AJV before vaccination.

BCG Vaccine AJV is administered by intradermal injection. A local reaction at the injection site is expected after vaccination with BCG Vaccine AJV, normally leaving a superficial scar.

BCG Vaccine AJV has been used since 1931 for the prevention of tuberculosis in humans, and is distributed worldwide. BCG Vaccine AJV was first authorised in 1965. Today BCG Vaccine AJV is authorised in 36 countries and prequalified by the WorldHealth Organisation (WHO).

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