AJ Vaccines expands capacity with a comprehensive reconstruction and renovation of its Polio vaccine production

May 14, 2018 | Press release

AJ Vaccines has initiated a total reconstruction and expansion of its existing Polio vaccine production facilities. The new facilities will increase production capacity substantially while simultaneously ensuring compliance with future WHO demands for Polio vaccine production and containment.

AJ Vaccines and the company’s owner have decided to initiate a comprehensive and needed upgrade of the production facilities in Copenhagen – not least to be able to meet the large global demand for affordable Polio vaccines.
AJ Vaccines has therefore initiated an extensive renovation of the current production facilities advised by NNE and in close coordination with Statens Serum Institut, the owner of the site that houses the production.
“Following the positive phase III results for our new and groundbreaking low-dose adjuvanted IPV vaccine we need to ramp up production, and we need state of the art production facilities, that live up to future WHO compliance standards in order to deliver the required Polio vaccines for WHO’s Global Polio Eradication Campaign. We will achieve both of these objectives when we open the new facilities during 2019,” said Klaus Hermansen, CEO of AJ Vaccines.
After the upgrade, AJ Vaccines will multiply its Polio vaccines production capacity making it possible to deliver Polio vaccine to UNICEF and other pooled procurement programs and for delivery directly to the private commercial Polio vaccines market. With only four IPV manufacturers globally, the capacity expansion will help reduce the gap between demand and supply for this essential vaccine and thus contribute to the global eradication of polio.
“We look forward to take use of our new facilities and the investment of more than DKK 300m is yet another testament to our owner’s confidence in AJ Vaccines and our efforts in Denmark. At the same time, the investment creates more new jobs and we will welcome even more new colleagues when the Polio vaccines unit is ready in 2019,” said Klaus Hermansen.

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