AJ Vaccines produces and sells vaccines from the production site in central Copenhagen. The production is taken over from SSI, and was until January 2017 owned by the Danish Government. AJ Vaccines has thus taken over a company with a very proud history of vaccine manufacturing

The vaccine manufacturing at the site started as early as 1902 when a serum against Diphteria was produced. Today AJ Vaccines still produces vaccine against Diphteria, besides vaccines that protects against Whooping Cough, Tetanus, Tuberculosis and Polio.

AJ Vaccines plans to increase the production of vaccinedoses in the years to come. At the moment there is a need for more polio vaccine: If more children are vaccinated it will be possible to exterminate polio here on earth within the next 15 years. Therefore an increased poliovaccine production is an important part of the ramp up plan, which however implies an overall increase of the vaccineproduction at the site.

AJ Vaccines currently employs app. 700 employees, but the number of employees will increase in the next couple of years in order to fullfill the ambitious growth plans

AJ Vaccines: Launched January 2017

Number of Employees: Approximately 700 people

Production: Vaccines that protects against

  • Whooping cough
  • Tetanus
  • Diphteria
  • Polio
  • Tuberculosis


Ownership: A part of the health care Invest arm of  Aljomaih Group

Meet our CEO

CEO, Klaus Hermansen

Klaus is 64 years old, and has many years of experience within the field of vaccine production and manufacturing, and a deep business understanding.

I strive to improve global health by connecting people with the best business partners at the right time within the field of vaccines and facility design. I started my career at Novo Nordisk, where I was in charge of manufacturing. In 1987 I moved into the vaccines industry and have held key positions in the manufacturing supply chain in Denmark, the Netherlands and the UK. From my past I have operational as well as product development experience as a Manager/Director for manufacturing/operation from various positions in the biotech industry. I have set up vaccine productions all over the world, and I highly appreciate the cultural diversity I have met, working across the world.

My vision for AJ Vaccines is that we in few years have a economically sustainable company and not least; we produce 5 times more doses of vaccine than now, to the benefit of children all over the world.

About our owners

Aljomaih Group

Founded in 1936, key drivers of Al Jomaih’s success have been its entrepreneurial activities, ability toanticipate change, and on-going commitment to developing successful long term relationships with national and international partners.

Al Jomaih Group a major conglomerate plays a leading role in the consumer, commercial and industrial sectors of  the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other countries. The group is mainly engaged in trading, distribution of branded products, manufacturing, international investments, financial services, real estate, communications, automotive, agriculture, oil & gas, engineering partnerships and power & water. These are handled by specialized divisions and joint venture partnerships and through long established business relationships with leading international corporations. Shell Oil, Pepsi-Cola, Yokohama Tires, and General Motors to name but a few.

Apart from the above, the group has played a significant role in the Power & Water sectors. One of the group’s acquisition of Power utilities, Karachi Electricity Supply Power Ltd which supplies electricity to industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential customers totalling above 6,000 sq. km in Karachi, and several other regions in Pakistan.

A landmark deal saw a joint venture between Al Jomaih and Malaysia’s Tanjong Energy Holdings in acquiring seven electricity generation businesses from Globeleq. The portfolio of generators includes in five natural gas power stations, ranging from 110 to 683 MW, in Egypt, Bangladesh, and Pakistan and two 25 MW oil fuel power plants located in Sri Lanka.

The group is the lead partner in SK Hydro Consortium which is one of the largest river hydro power projects in Asia with the capacity to generate 840 MW of clean energy at a cost of US 1.2 Billion. Diversification has always been at heart of group’s business philosophy and this remains the essence of its growth strategy today.

In Malaysia, the group is involved in the manufacturing, sales and distribution of pharmaceuticals, life sciences, vaccines, biotech and healthcare related products. This has been formed with a significant partnership with industrial leaders for the manufacturing of the pharmaceuticals products in Malaysia.

Board of Directors

Dr. Tabassum Khan
Dubai – Forenede Arabiske Emirater

Mustafa Nasir Farooki
Dubai – Forenede Arabiske Emirater

Klaus Hermansen
2970 Hørsholm – Denmark